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Healing Starts Here.

Treatment for Substance Use Disorders


“My husband seemed removed from us for a very long time, and I knew that the entire family unit needed help. That it wouldn’t just be him going away and than coming back home “fixed”.  The Blanchard team made it clear that we were all in this together, and I’m so grateful he did, because we were able to review our current family system, and each get back to our authentic selves, which helped the new family system thrive.”


“I have tried to beat addiction for years. I’ve been to countless rehab facilities, and I could never get it; I could never change. And what I learned at The Blanchard Institute is that we can’t change what we aren’t aware of. I have had to do a lot of work stripping away the masks that I hid behind for years. But I did it, and I’m finally free.”


“I knew I needed to send my daughter somewhere she felt safe, and I immediately felt that at The Blanchard Institute.  Not only in their staff, but in everything they do, I knew that my daughter would get the utmost care with safety and security at the forefront.  And she needed that.”


“I always wanted to just be okay, and finally, I am.  It was learning to let go and finally coming to an understanding of why I did the things that I did.”


Our Promise

The Blanchard Institute is excellence focused, clinically driven, safety and trauma informed and family orientated to clients who meet the clinical and medical criteria for services. At all times all clients will be treated ethically, fairly and honestly without bias to race, gender or diagnosis.

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